#41- Screem 41 has a lot to sink your teeth into as we look at the new 4K restoration of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, and speak with screenwriter John Russo about this creepy 1986 classic film. Stephen R. Bissette unearths all we need to know about the new Arrow Video COUNT YORGA box set, Tom Mes takes us into the freakish world of the cinematic works of Shinya Tsukamoto (TETSUO:THE IRON MAN, TOKYO FIST), plus interviews with directors Brian Trenchard-Smith (DEMONS 2, BMX BANDITS) and Nicholas Meyer (STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, TIME AFTER TIME). Mark Clark chats with Laura Truffaut as she discusses the work of her father, director Francois Truffaut. John-Paul Checkett's regular feature, DEEP FOCUS, is back, and the topic of discussion is the bizarre film BETTER WATCH OUT (just in time for the holiday season!) As usual, there's plenty of new 4K, Blu-ray and DVD reviews all packed in to one nice package that we like to call SCREEM MAGAZINE.
SCREEM #41A - RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD - Bagged and Boarded - $12.95
SCREEM #41B Limited Edition - COUNT YORGA - $20.00
SCREEM #41B Limited Edition - COUNT YORGA - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00


#40- Screem Magazine celebrates two milestones! We’ve hit the BIG “4-0,” and the silent classic horror film NOSFERATU made its theatrical debut one hundred years ago. To mark this occasion, Screem invited Dacre Stoker, the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker (the author of the novel Dracula in 1897), to write an article on the history regarding the controversial plagiarism by F.W. Murnau’s 1922 German film version of the vampire story. It’s a fascinating read that will clear up many of the false rumors surrounding the film and the novel. Screem welcomes back Andy Rausch, whose column “The Director’s Chair” returns once again in this issue. Andy’s guest is director Allan Arkush (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Get Crazy, Heartbeeps), who chats about his life in the film industry. John-Paul Checkett’s column, “Deep Focus,” dissects the 2016 film Prevenge. This cinematic gem, from actress turned director Alice Lowe, is a quirky horror flick that is worth your time. Author Thom Shubilla takes readers back to the Swinging Sixties with his new book Primetime 1966-1967, where television was king and the battle for program ratings was at an all-time high. It’s a fascinating read, and we’re certain many Screem readers will have fond memories about this era in history. Norman J. Warren: Gentleman of Terror is a new book that looks at the life of the acclaimed horror director (Inseminoid, Terror, Prey, Satan’s Slave) by Adam Locks and Adrian Smith. The authors talk about their latest project and reminisce about the late, great Mr. Warren. Screem #40 marks our largest section of movie reviews, and our limited edition cover featuring the lovable ROBOT MONSTER (artwork by Mark Maddox) is the icing on the cake!
SCREEM #40A - NOSFERATU - Bagged and Boarded - $12.95
SCREEM #40B Limited Edition (500 copies)
SCREEM #40B Limited Edition (500 copies)
ROBOT MONSTER - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00


#39- Screem #39 is back with a bite! Our new issue features the cover article by Stephen R. Bissette, who gives us the scoop on Arrow Video's new Sam Katzman Blu-ray box set: COLD WAR CREATURES. We're thrilled to report that John-Paul Checkett will now have a regular feature in the magazine titled, "Deep Focus." John-Paul examines horror films that have fallen under the radar and deserve your attention. Adrian Smith is back with Screem as well, as his " Cannibals: Italian Style," article will whet your appetite (or ruin it!). David Wilt previews VCI Entertainment's upcoming 8 film SANTO Blu-ray set, due in 2022; Screem delves into the career of legendary actress Maria Ouspenskaya; and, we bring our largest selection of Blu-ray and 4K reviews to enlighten your entertainment cravings. All this and MORE in SCREEM #39!
SCREEM #39A - THE WEREWOLF - Bagged and Boarded - $12.95
SCREEM #39B - LIMITED EDITION - THE GIANT CLAW-Bagged and Boarded - $23.00


#38- Bev Vincent provides Screem readers with an appointment to see DOICTOR SLEEP, Stephen King's much anticipated sequel to THE SHINING, Andy Rausch's reoccurring column The Director's Chair, saves a seat for Andre Ovredal (SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK), Budd Wilkins delves into two new discs from indie label Scream Factory: QUATERMASS AND THE PIT and QUATERMASS 2, author Howard David Ingham looks into the rich history of Folk Horror in cinema, Troy Howarth unwraps the new 4K transfer of the George Romero/Dario Argento collaboration TWO EVIL EYES from Blue Underground, Adrian Smith's career retrospective of director Antonio Margheriti is essential reading, and, historian Jon Kitley's new book DISCOVER THE HORROR is a delight for every film fan. Of course, there's the usual large amount of Blu-ray/DVD reviews by our talented staff! All of this awaits you, dear reader, in SCREEM #38!
SCREEM #38A - DOCTOR SLEEP - Bagged and Boarded - $12.95


#37- Screem welcomes in summer with a hot as hell edition! Our newsstand cover features cast members from the 1978 horror classic DAWN OF THE DEAD, which receives an ultimate Blu-ray edition this year. Our limited edition (500 copies) cover by award winning artist Mark Maddox pairs the legendary duo of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi from the film THE BLACK CAT, as we celebrate the Scream Factory Blu-ray box set: THE UNIVERSAL HORROR COLLECTION VOLUME 1. The set showcases four films (THE BLACK CAT, THE RAVEN, THE INVISIBLE RAY and BLACK FRIDAY), all which make their debut in the high definition format. Speaking of pairing up, what do you get when you mix Kung Fu and vampires? The answer is bloody simple, Grasshopper---THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES. When Hammer and Shaw Bros. studios got together in 1974 to create this one-off production, fans of both genres were curious to see how this new mix would work, and it was a hit with both camps. The film has been out of print in the digital format for almost a decade, and it's now getting the royal Blu-ray treatment. Writer Andy Rausch continues his popular DIRECTOR'S CHAIR column in Screem, and his guest is Pete Walker, best known for directing THE WHIP AND THE BODY, HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS, SCHIZO and HOUSE OF WHIPCORD. Beloved actor DICK MILLER recently passed away, a new biography titled YOU DON'T KNOW ME, BUT YOU LOVE ME: THE LIVES OF DICK MILLER examines the work of an actor who had been in the business for over sixty years. We chat with the book's author Caelum Vatnsdal. GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE is an underappreciated classic that is finally getting a well deserved treatment on Blu-ray. Film historian Troy Howarth shares all the bloody details in the newly remastered disc from Scream Factory. Director Larry Cohen recently passed away, and we were lucky to sit down with him in one of final interviews. All this, plus the usual large amount of movie reviews await you in SCREEM MAGAZINE #37!
SCREEM #37A - DAWN OF THE DEAD - Bagged and Boarded - $13.00
SCREEM #37B - LIMITED EDITION (LUGOSI/KARLOFF) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00


#36- The new issue of SCREEM MAGAZINE features an in depth interview with director Bill Lustig on the 4k restoration for the slasher classic MANIAC; Cassandra Peterson talks about her alter ego, the ravishing Mistress of the Dark, ELVIRA; LADY FRANKENSTEIN is resurrected on Blu-ray, S. Craig Zahler (BONE TOMAHAWK, RIOT IN CELL BLOCK 99, PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH) is in "The Director's Chair"; RAZORBACK charges in at full force on the High Definition format; Brian DePalma's SISTERS bows on Bl-ray from The Criterion Collection, writer John-Paul Checkett examines the new breed of horror in an informative essay; many more surprises await in the latest edition of SCREEM MAGAZINE. The Limited edition (500 only!) MANIAC Cover includes a bonus CD inside: Slasher Radio Spots, featuring 88 horror trailer commercials unearthed from the vaults. Get it now before it gets YOU!
SCREEM #36A - ELVIRA EDITION - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
SCREEM #36B - LIMITED EDITION (MANIAC COVER) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00


#35- SCREEM MAGAZINE #35 takes a look at Arrow films' BLOOD THIRSTY TRILOGY in our newsstand cover story. Toho's LAKE OF DRACULA, EVIL OF DRACULA and VAMPIRE DOLL will receive their US debut release in any format (Blu-ray/DVD). KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER (1972) arrives for the first time on Blu ray, and SCREEM resurrects this classic made for TV production. Troy Howarth dissects one the best (and most underrated) films in the Amicus Studios, THE PSYCHOPATH, Haunted House feature THE BORLEY RECTORY has been stirring up rave reviews with its London theatrical debut. American readers will learn more about this feature courtesy of SCREEM's UK correspondent, Adrian Smith.

PLANET OF THE APES celebrates its 50th anniversary. Film historian Scott Essman takes us behind the scenes of this 1968 classic film, with many rarely seen photos appearing in the article. In our regular column The Director's Chair, Andy Rausch interviews Greydon Clark, who is best known for SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS and BLACK SHAMPOO. All this, and our largest Blu-ray review section await you in the latest edition of SCREEM MAGAZINE!

SCREEM #35A (BLOODTHIRSTY TRILOGY) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
SCREEM #35B - KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER: 500 PRINT RUN with free DVD inside!KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER: 500 PRINT RUN with free DVD inside! - $80.00
SCREEM #35B - KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER: 500 PRINT RUN with free DVD inside!KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER: 500 PRINT RUN with free DVD inside! - Bagged and Boarded - $83.00
#34 - Screem 34 explores the films of PAUL NASCHY that are now available on the Blu-ray format. Rankin Bass fan favorite MAD MONSTER PARTY celebrates its 50th anniversary, Director Roger Corman discusses films that have inspired him throughout his career, SUSPIRIA gets a 4K Blu ray restoration, Clive Barker's RAWHEAD REX rises from the moratorium mortuary, VCI Entertainment presents RUBY in a new HD print, Bob Clark's horror classic DEATHDREAM is given a special edition Blu-ray release from Blue Underground, all this and much more (plus the usual large amount of movie reviews) in the Winter edition of SCREEM MAGAZINE!
SCREEM 34A - PAUL NASCHY (newsstand cover) - $9.00
SCREEM 34A - PAUL NASCHY (newsstand cover) -Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
SCREEM 34B MAD MONSTER PARTY(LIMITED EDITION OF 500 copies) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00

#33- Screem 33 features two covers: ALIEN: COVENANT and DIVINE showcasing the work of Rondo Award Winning Best Artist of 2017, Mark Maddox. For our newsstand edition, we spotlight the latest in the ALIEN franchise, ALIEN: COVENANT. We speak with the film's screenwriter, John Logan, who gives us a preview of what's to come in the latest installment of the popular film series. Director JOHN WATERS reminisces about one of his earliest films, MULTIPLE MANIACS, as it receives the gold standard treatment on Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection. Warner Archives has resurrected the Ray Harryhausen classic feature THE VALLEY OF GWANGI on Blu-ray. Screem talks with John Walsh, a trustee of the Harryhausen foundation. John displays Ray's creations in the issue, and gives us insight on all things GWANGI.
There's nothing like fresh POPCORN, and thanks to the folks at Synapse Films, they've brought fans an extra large bucket with their limited edition steelbook Blu-ray for the 1991 cult classic. Long sought after by collectors, POPCORN was given a DVD release over sixteen years ago, and had disappeared quickly. Synapse has certainly made the wait worthwhile, as the new HD master of POPCORN looks incredible, and the supplement features are worth the price of admission alone. We're thrilled to have Tim Lucas on board for Screem #33, as the Video Watchdog creator uncovers the goods on Mario Bava's CALTIKI: THE IMMORTAL MONSTER, available for the first time on Blu-ray from Arrow Films. Other articles in Screem #33 include: THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN TURNS 75, Brian Albright chats with Jeffrey Delman, the director of DEADTIME STORIES, actor David Gilliam remembers his time on the set with Ray Milland in 1972's FROGS, and, Screem readers will be happy to learn that we have expanded our Blu-ray review section, while keeping other features intact.

Screem 33A (ALIEN: COVENANT) - $9.00
Screem 33A (ALIEN: COVENANT) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
SCREEM 33B (DIVINE COVER) - limited to 500 copies - $20.00
SCREEM 33B (DIVINE COVER) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00

#32- Screem magazine is alive and well... and to prove it, we're back with issue #32 featuring two fantastic covers by Mark Maddox! PHANTASM has come full circle with the 4K restoration of the first film in the series, and the final installment: PHANTASM RAVAGER. We speak with director Don Coscarelli who gives us the gory details on all things PHANTASM. Screem is honored to have Mick Garris on board for this issue. Mick reminisces about his time on the set of John Carpenter's THE THING, with an informative article that is a must read. Also in Screem #32: author Stephen Thrower looks at the new HG Lewis box set from Arrow Films, Tom Weaver talks to the 3D restoration team who brought IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE to Blu-ray, Bruce Hallenbeck has a room ready for us at the HORROR HOTEL, John-Paul Checkett's sermon on the new director's cut of THE EXORCIST III should have us begging for repentance, Adrian Smith gets our motor runnin' with his dissection of BFI's new Blu-ray for the 1972 cult film PSYCHOMANIA, authors Danel Olsen (The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth: Studies in the Horror Film) and Troy Howarth (Real Depravities: The Films of Klaus Kinski) preview their new books, and, as usual, our large DVD and Blu-ray review section will keep your eyes busy... all of this and more in the latest edition of Screem magazine.

Screem 32A (Phantasm cover) - $9.00
Screem 32A (Phantasm cover) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
SCREEM 32B (The Thing cover) - limited to 500 copies - $20.00
SCREEM 32B (The Thing cover) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00
#31 Screem magazine #31 arrives at light speed with our newsstand cover story on STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. We look at the upcoming blockbuster, and speak with Luke Skywalker himself, star Mark Hamill, regarding one of the most anticipated events in a millennium! Frank Dietz discusses his new documentary on one of fandom's most beloved monsters--the mighty KING KONG in LONG LIVE THE KING: THE LEGACY OF KONG. Author Stephen Thrower examines the new Blu-ray for Ulli Lommel's THE TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES. Richard Harland Smith uncovers all that is evil in the classic horror film BURNT OFFERINGS. Guillermo del Toro talks with Screem about his latest Universal Pictures film CRIMSON PEAK. THE FOG celebrates its 35th anniversary. We sit down with director John Carpenter, stars Adrienne Barbeau and Tom Atkins, MANOS: THE HAND OF FATE makes its debut on Blu ray in a newly restored edition. Writer Bruce Hallenbeck checks into DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS as the classic horror anthology film arrives on Blu-ray. All this and MORE in the latest edition of Screem magazine!
Issue 31A (STAR WARS) - $9.00
Issue 31A (STAR WARS) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
Issue 31B (KING KONG) - limited to 500 copies - $20.00
Issue 31B (KING KONG) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00
#30 The newsstand edition features a cover of the Ed Wood film family. Artwork is by Drew Friedman. our limited edition cover (500 print run) features the evil clown “Twisty” from American Horror Story: Freak Show. The limited edition also includes a bonus DVD of rare goodies produced exclusively for this issue!
Contents of Screem #30 include: an interview with artist Drew Friedman, Director Nicolas Roeg discusses his 1973 classic Don’t Look Now, Troy Howarth examines Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, a retrospective on Ken Russell’s controversial masterpiece The Devils, a look back at the film career of Duke Mitchell, Naomi Grossman talks about her roles in American Horror Story, the Bride of Frankenstein celebrates its 80th anniversary, all of this and more, including our large selection of movie reviews, in the latest edition of screem magazine!
Issue 30A (Ed Wood)- $9.00
Issue 30A (Ed Wood) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
Issue 30B (AHS) - $20.00
Issue 30B (AHS) - Bagged and Boarded - $23.00
#29 features an article on Clive Barker's Nightbreed. The long rumored "Director's Cut" finally becomes a reality. Scott Feinblatt speaks with Mark Miller, the man behind the scenes who helped to bring Midian back to life! Other articles in the issue include an interview with director Jorg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Schramm), David J. Schow discusses his new book The Outer Limits at 50, Jeffrey Schwartz talks all things Divine on his new documentary about John Waters' favorite actress, Tom Weaver delves into the latest installment of The Vincent Price Collection on Blu-ray, David Kalat brings Screem readers up to date on the 4K restoration of the German silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Daniel Griffith converses with director Wes Craven, and as usual, we review new Blu-ray and DVD releases in the Winter edition of Screem magazine. Cover price $8.95.

Also available: Screem #29, alternate OUTER LIMITS cover (limited edition 500 run). The issue contains a Screem DVD magazine inside, produced by Daniel Griffith, which contains featurettes and film trailers. Over 90 minutes worth of material! $15.00.

Issue 29A (Nightbreed)- $8.95
Issue 29A (Nightbreed) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
Issue 29B (Outer Limits) - $25.00
Issue 29B (Outer Limits) Bagged and Boarded - $28.00

#28 SCREEM #28 starts off with a big roar as we delve into all things GODZILLA, with the film's director, Gareth Edwards.
Other interviews in the issue include Alejandro Jodorowsky (Jodorowsky's Dune, The Dance of Reality), Joshua Oppenheimer brings horror to real life when discussing his documentary The Act of Killing, Chester Turner relives memories on the set of Black Devil Doll from Hell, British actress Vanessa Howard (Girly, Corruption) is remembered, The Creature from the Black Lagoon celebrates its 60th anniversary, 1923s The Hunchback of Notre Dame gets an HD rebirth (Lon Chaney historian Michael F. Blake gives readers all the details), Blu-ray/DVD reviews, and a few more great surprises come your way in SCREEM #28.

Limited Edition (500 copies) HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME alternate cover includes a 17 x 22 poster that features both Godzilla and Quasimodo covers by Mark Maddox!

Issue 28A (GODZILLA)- $8.95
Issue 28A (GODZILLA) - Bagged and Boarded - $12.00
Issue 28B (Hunchback) $20.00
Issue 28B (Hunchback) Bagged and Boarded - $23.00

#27 Screem celebrates 25 years of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 with a gorgeous cover by Mark Maddox. The issue features interviews with Joel Hodgson, and ten directors whose films were parodied on the program. VINCENT PRICE lives again on Blu ray! Several films by the Master of Menace are now available in the high definition format. Price biographer Lucy Chase Williams takes a look at The Vincent Price Blu-ray Collection from Shout! Factory. Tom Weaver shares an interview with the late HOUSE OF WAX co-star Paul Picerni. Frank Dietz sits down with Bob Burns, the star of the bio pic BEAST WISHES, Greg Mank chats with Cortlandt Hull to discuss THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA UNMASKED documentary, plus, our usual large helping of Blu-ray and DVD reviews await you in the latest issue of SCREEM MAGAZINE.
SPECIAL OFFER: Clip the coupon on page 55 and receive the SCREEM DVD MAGAZINE! The interactive disc produced by Daniel Griffith contains featurettes on MST3K, HOUSE OF WAX, BEAST WISHES, HANDS OF THE RIPPER and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA UNMASKED, plus over an hour of trailers of new and classic horror films!

LIMITED EDITION (500 copies) ALTERNATE VINCENT PRICE COVER by Daniel Horne. NOT SOLD IN STORES! Issue comes polybagged, and contains the Screem interactive DVD inside the issue!

Issue 27A (Mystery Science Theater) $15.00
Issue 27A (Mystery Science Theater) Bagged and Boarded - $18.00
Issue 27B (Vincent Price) $25.00
Issue 27B (Vincent Price) Bagged and Boarded - $28.00

#26 Screem 26 features a cover story on PACIFIC RIM. Guillermo del Toro talks about his upcoming summer blockbuster film; Director Fede Alvarez discusses THE EVIL DEAD remake; Rob Zombie gives Screem readers the lowdown on his latest production, THE LORDS OF SALEM. Tommy Wiseau's cult film THE ROOM gets a Blu-ray release; Tom Weaver remembers THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN; GORGO is resurrected with a brand new high definition transfer; Greg Mank examines the Warner Bros. Archives Boris Karloff triple feature for WEST OF SHANGHAI, THE INVISIBLE MENACE and DEVIL'S ISLAND, plus, our usual large helping of Blu-ray and DVD reviews await you in the latest issue of SCREEM MAGAZINE.
LIMITED EDITION (500 copies) ALTERNATE GORGO COVER by Mark Maddox. Each issue comes polybagged and contains an exclusive DVD: Screem Presents Trailerama. Don't miss this soon to be sold out issue!

COVER "A" (Pacific Rim/The Lords of Salem) $7.95
COVER "B" GORGO $25.00

#25 Universal's stable of beloved monsters grace the cover of our 25th edition of Screem, courtesy of artist Mark Maddox. Greg Mank takes a look at the Classic Monster Blu-ray box set, and gives his perspective on the films that have inspired so many fans throughout several decades. Tom Weaver interviews Roger Corman on his first production, Monster from the Ocean Floor, Bev Vincent writes about Stephen King's creepy anthology films and interviews Mark Pavia on his collaboration with Mr. King, The Reaper's Image, Tippi Hedren reminiscences on the the 50th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Scott Essman reflects back on Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Screem speaks with indie director Christopher R. Mihm, who creates new movies that look like they were produced in the 1950s, we take a sneak peek at the retro Sci-fi musical The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, which features Paul Williams and Kevin McCarthy in his final role, Michael "The Hills Have Eyes" Berryman is as creepy as ever in the new film Below Zero. All this plus book reviews, a new Fright Flick Pic and Blu-ray reviews featuring Criterion's Rosemary's Baby, Beyond the Black Rainbow, The Boogens, House and Night of Dark Shadows (reviewed by RJ Jamison), 1932's The Most Dangerous Game, William Castle's short lived TV series Ghost Story (AKA Circle of Fear), BFI's Deep End and Juan of the Dead plus plenty more goodies await you in this issue of Screem magazine!


#24 Screem #24 takes a look a Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and reflects back on the classic ABC-TV series starring the late Jonathan Frid. Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus hits theater screens this June. We speak with the film's co-writer Jon Spaihts. Other articles in issue #24 include: Director Ted Bohus talks about the Blu-ray edition of The Deadly Spawn, Johnny Legend remembers Doodles Weaver, a retrospect on Ray Milland, Deadly Dummies: murderous mannequins on the big and small screen, interviews with actresses Francoise Pascal (The Iron Rose), Tom Weaver chats with Jeanne Cooper about the Black Zoo, The Story of Rock N Roll Comics, Stephen Thrower previews Andy Milligan's Nightbirds, which is coming to Blu-ray soon, DVD reviews, fright flick pic, and plenty more await you in Screem #24!

24A (Johnny Depp) $8.00
24B (Classic Cast) $10.00

#23 Issue contents include:Overlooking the Overlook: author Bev Vincent (The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, The Road to the Dark Tower) brings us an "Everything you wanted to know about The Shining, but were afraid to ask" article, dissecting Stephen King's book, Stanley Kubrick's screenplay, as well as the made for TV movie. Fans of this masterpiece of modern horror shouldn't miss it! Other articles in Screem #23 include: Criterion's Island of Lost Souls arrives on Blu-ray; Classic Monster Toys of the 1960's; The Final Four: Boris Karloff's last films; The Return of the Aztec Mummy; The End is Near! Manos: Hands of Fate: The Special Edition by Daniel Griffith (with MST3K's Joel Hodgson); New interviews with directors Ken Russell and Joe Dante; Burn, Witch, Burn; Universal's Frankenstein Turns 80 (by Scott Essman, with an illustration by Rick Baker); The Exterminator makes its debut on Blu-ray; and, the usual extensive amount of DVD review that appears in every issue of SCREEM MAGAZINE. 76 pages color / B & W

23A (Jack Nicholson cover) $20.00
23B (Aztec Mummy cover) $12.00

#22 is now available! Our all vampire issue features an exclusive interview with Stephen King, an essay on Salem's Lot by author Bev Vincent (The Illustrated Stephen King companion); A look back at Innocent Blood with director John Landis; "Black, White, and Red All over: Lugosi's Dracula celebrates its 80th Anniversary" by Scott Essman; The films of Jean Rollin; Tom Weaver speaks with Return of Dracula star Nora Eberhardt; An interview with author Dacre Stoker (Dracula Un-Dead); a retrospective on Hammer studio's classic horror films Vampire Circus and Twins of Evil, and much more in the Spring edition of Screem magazine!


#21 - Our cover by artist Daniel Horne celebrates the 50 year milestone of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. We then take a look at two under appreciated cult films, Slthis and Horror High, which have recently been unearthed on DVD in new special editions. Next, Tom Weaver interviews Mr. B.I.G. himself, Bert I. Gordon. They discuss 1957's The Cyclops, which has just seen the light of day on disc from Warner Archives. Screem travels to the Great White North for the Canadian premiere of the restored Metropolis, and gives fans a sneak peek at some of the newly found missing footage from Fritz Lang's classic Sci-Fi epic. Other highlights in Screem #21 include: Playboy Playmates in horror films; the works of the Kuchar Bros.; Ingrid Pitt's new biography book; and, an in-depth look into the rich film catalog of the Shaw Bros. Studio. All this and much more awaits you in the current issue of Screem magazine!


#20 - Our cover story features Cortlandt Hull's new DVD documentary on the history of Aurora's monster model kits. Next, we take a look at Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, where artists re-create the classic zombie film. The late, great horror host Dr. Shock gets his due in a tribute by John Skerchock, author of the new book The Frightful Dr. Shock. We pay a visit to The House of the Devil, and talk with the film's director, Ti West, and one of the stars of the movie, Mary Woronov. Other highlights in Screem #20 include Tom Weaver's Kingdom of the Spiders article, a look back at Logan's Run (interviews with George Clayton Johnson, William F. Nolan, and Michael York), an interview with Carla Laemmle, and much more!


#19 - Our Fall/Winter edition of Screem celebrates the 35th anniversary of The Phantom of the Paradise. We interview several cast and crew members who reminisce about this cult classic flick. Next up, we dig into the film career of the notorious Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey. You’ll learn about his work in such horror films as The Car, The Devil’s Rain, and, Satanis. Also featured in this issue are interviews with directors HG Lewis (2000 Maniacs, Blood Feast), William Grefe (Death Curse of Tartu, Stanley), and Greydon Clark (Without Warning, The Bad Bunch). Long time Screem contributor David Wilt enlightens us about the weird world of Mexicana cinema, and the always entertaining Greg Goodsell gives us a sneak peek at a new horror film titled Red Velvet. Ken McIntyre is back with another fun Wrong Way Home column, and we round out the issue with a large amount of Blu-ray and DVD reviews.


#18- Our spring/summer edition digs deep into the fears of our writers, as they reveal the films that scarred them for life! Jaws . . . Poltergeist . . . Gargoyles . . . Killer Klowns . . . Chitty Chitty Bang Bang . . . (huh???) Read for yourself . . . if you dare! Also in the issue, Tom Weaver digs up the dirt on Arch Oboler's long overdue DVD for Five; Greg Goodsell picks George Romero's brain about Tales from the Darkside; Shane Dallmann re-opens the Night Gallery; and, we dig up songs about death in Splatter Platters--a look at Ace Records Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits compilations. New Screem writers include Glenn (DVD Savant) Erickson, actor Dan Roebuck, and Emma Westwood. Ken McIntyre debuts his new colum Wrong Way Home; we bring back the Mystery Pic and Screemail; and finish the issue off with an ecclectic variety of Blu-ray and DVD reviews.


#17 - Screem goes Creature crazy! Issue #17 features 2 alternate Creature from the Black Lagoon covers in celebration of the new documentary Creature Feature: 50 Years of the Gill-Man. A tribute to Ben Chapman and an interview with the underwater Creature, Ricou Browning, round out our Blackie coverage. Other goodies in our Fall/Winter edition of Screem include: a look at the Brother Theodore story To My Great Chagrin; a filmbook on The Pharaoh's Curse by Tom Weaver; Mexican fantasy films; Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone; Benicio del Toro speaks about Universal's new Wolfman film; The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels; The Dead Mattter; plus plenty of DVD and Blu-ray reviews.

COVER A (Blackie attacks Screem) $15.00
COVER B (Creature sees his reflection) $7.95

#16- Screem #16 kicks off with our cover feature on SPINE TINGLER!-THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY, now playing in select theaters. Next up, we have interviews with Russ Meyer fave Tura Satana; interviews with directors Kim Ki Duk and Ray Dennis Steckler; a Grindhouse Roundtable, featuring directors Gus Trikonis, Ed Adlum, and Don Edmonds; a tribute to Carlos Aured (Horror Rises From the Tomb, Vengeance of the Mummy); BCI's Mexican monsterpiece The Dracula Saga; a look at the films of Andrew Prine; and, the usual large amount of DVD reviews. Now on sale!


#15- We take a look at the new Jaws documentary—The Shark is Still Working, interview director Jack Hill on the new DVD release for Spider Baby, talk trash with Mink Stole; examine the bizarre world of Roky Erickson; look at the Mexican film World of Vampires; and check out what our pal Johnny Legend is up to. Author Stephen Thrower writes an essay on his new book Nightmare U.S.A.; Anna Biller allows us a peek at Viva!; John Hand discusses his directorial feature Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare; and we dig deep into the Crown International film catalog. We’ve expanded our DVD review coverage as well (and include for the first time HD DVD reviews). - $7.95


#14- Eddie Munster's favorite horror host, Zombo, graces our cover. Speaking of Eddie, we interview Butch Patrick on his new biography book. Issue #14 contains exclusive interviews with director Alejandro Jodorowsky, filmmaker Don Glut, and Howard Stern favorite Suzanne Muldowney (a.k.a "The Underdog Lady"). Other articles include Vampira:The Movie, The Wild Man Fischer story, The Trash Films of Shelley Winters, and The Groovie Goolies on DVD. The devil gets his due with The Diablo Made Me Do It (Satanic films from Mexico). Code Red unleashes Love Me Deadly on DVD, and Japanese superstitions in film are explained in Living Ghosts of the Rising Sun. As usual, we deliver a large chunk of DVD reviews!


#13 - We double your pleasure this time around with the choice of TWO DIFFERENT COVERS! We've added more color, as well as more pages!

Contents in this issue include interviews with filmmakers James Bryan (Don't Go in the Woods), Don Jones (The Forest), Rolfe Kanefsky, and Damon Packard.

We look at the films of Pete Walker, Trilogy of Terror, Mexican Vampires, Punks on film, Killer Kid movies Part 2, Troma's Poultrygeist, Paul Frees, Alpha Video's cheapie titles, and the cult classic Devil Times Five. To top it off, we have more DVD reviews than in any previous issue!

13A - $30.00
13B - $7.95 plus $2.50 postage

COVER A-Large Zuni Warrior
COVER B - Large Karen Black
#12 - Contents include interviews with Mike Nelson (Mystery Science Theatre 3000), veteran actor James Karen, director Lawrence D. Foldes, Alan Ormsby, Michel Levesque (Werewolves on Wheels), and Guiseppe Andrews. Articles include a look at Criterion's DVD edition of Equinox, Killer Kids movies, plenty more! $8.00

#11 - Interview with director Larry Cohen, Cannibal Holocaust, The Films of Val Lewton, Klaus Nomi, The Flesh Eaters, DVD reviews, and more ! $8.00
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#10- H.R. Giger in NYC, Bollywood Horror,  Mad Monkey Movies, DVD Goes To Hell, Jacob’s Ladder,  The Golem, Edison’s Frankenstein, Vampire Circus,  lots more!  $8.00

#5 - Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath , Vampira interview, Lemora revisited , Lydia Lunch,  Meet the self- proclaimed Ed Wood of the 90’s!
$50.00 SCARCE!


#9- Exorcist cover. Plague of The Zombies, Don’t Look In The Basement, The Bride of Frank , Toxic Avenger,  Eraserhead, Penn & Teller interview, Mentors. $20.00

#4- Sam Sherman on Beast of Blood, Dario Argento and Brian Yuzna interviews, A loving tribute to Bloodsucking Freaks, The Montreal Fantasia Festival. $75.00


#8- Last House on Dead End Street , Uncle Sam,  Billy Jack attack!,  Andy Milligan, Forry Ackerman’s fave films, The Beast of Yucca Flats.
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#3- Rare issue 3 back in stock!! Limited quantities left! Jodorowsky retrospective, Johnny Legend’s Outer Limits experience, Charles Manson tribute album, more! $30.00


#7- Rondo Hatton cover story , Buddy Giovinazzo interview , Brother Theodore interview , Driver’s Education films,  Celluloid werewolves, more!  $40.00

#2- The Man Who Laughs , Zacherley’s Z - TV, Jorg Buttgereit , Tetsuo, Plenty of movie and book reviews!

#6- An acid trip to The Angry Red Planet, Dennis Hopper interview, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave,Coffin Joe protege Ivan Cardoso, Made for TV monster movies. $8.00

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